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Green Jobs for a cool planet

Green Jobs for a cool planet

6 December 2011

On 6 December 2011, the Ecologic Institute hosted a Riverside Chat on the implications of Germany’s energy policy shift for a group of high-level international visitors, including policy makers and journalists from EU Member States, Norway, Belarus, Switzerland and China. The program was co-organised by the Ecologic Institute on behalf of the Goethe Institute.

The following expert speakers presented their views on the transformation of Germany's energy sector:

Wolfgang Saam, a consultant in the climate protection and energy efficiency project office, DIHK – Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, gave an overview of the energy efficiency potential in German industries and businesses, with a focus on small and medium sized companies.

Prof. Georg Erdmann of the Technical University Berlin explained his new role as watchdog of the energy shift in Germany and the expected impact on businesses.

Kutlay Arin, Manager of Government Relations at Vestas Central Europe, highlighted the role of wind energy for local employment and sustainable green growth.

The following discussion, moderated by R. Andreas Kraemer, Director of the Ecologic institute, focused on the opportunities and challenges of a decarbonisation of the energy sector, including:

  • costs and benefits of renewable energies vs. nuclear and fossil fuels
  • the role of state subsidies in energy sector transformation
  • the necessity to build a European Smart Grid in order to enable the energy shift