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Trilateral Expert Group on Energy Transformation ("Energiewende")


Trilateral Expert Group on Energy Transformation ("Energiewende")

A group of renowned experts from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic regularly met in 2013 to address and discuss the opportunities and challenges arising from Germany’s energy transition for increased cross-border cooperation. Within the scope of the working meetings in Berlin, Prague and Warsaw, discussions with additional relevant actors from the scientific, business, civil society and political spheres were organised.

The project’s goals were

  1. to identify and communicate the challenges and opportunities of the German energy transition,
  2. to encourage a solution-oriented dialogue about the effects of the German energy transition on other EU member states, especially Poland and the Czech Republic, and
  3. to develop insight and instruments which can make European cooperation on an energy transition in Europe possible.

May 2013 to October 2013
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Energiewende, energy transition, experts, dialogue, Europe, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic