Reducing Food Waste in German Households

Call for Collaboration

Berlin, Germany

The project "Dialogue Forum Private Households – Reducing Food Waste", led by Ecologic Institute, calls on institutions, initiatives and companies that are already working on approaches to reduce food waste and sustainable nutrition to cooperate. Interested parties are asked to contact the project team via a short online questionnaire by 12 April 2021.

As part of the German "National Strategy to Reduce Food Waste", the "Dialogue Forum Private Households – Reducing Food Waste" was launched in October 2020.

The aim is to promote the exchange of experience between the numerous actors and institutions that are already active in Germany (education, civil society, business, science and consumer protection etc.) through regular network meetings and workshops.

In addition, the effectiveness of campaigns, events, products and other interventions is to be tested, evaluated and ultimately improved. For this purpose, a standardised and easily applicable evaluation methodology is being developed. In addition, the project team of Ecologic Institute, TU Berlin and Slow Food Deutschland e.V. will provide free support in the (further) development of measures to reduce food waste.

Those interested in dialogue and cooperation are asked to contact the project team by 12 April 2021 via a short online questionnaire.

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