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EcoCuencas – Objectives and Work Plan


EcoCuencas – Objectives and Work Plan

Thessaloniki, Greece
Ina Krüger

In two presentations Ina Krüger introduced the work of Ecologic Institute at the 13th International Conference "EUROPE-INBO 2015" for the implementation of the European Water Directives. On 21 October 2015, Ina Krüger presented at a workshop of the project EcoCuencas the work of Ecologic Institute on a guideline for the financing of river basin organisations (RBO) in Latin America, and provided an outlook for the planned work in scope of this project. The presentation slides are available for Download.

The planning and management of water resources in a river basin are associated with considerable benefits for the different users, the environment and the regional economy, but also depend on financial resources. A competent water management is crucial to enhance local capacities for resilience and to reduce the economic and humanitarian impacts of floods and droughts, which are expected to increase with climate change.The EcoCuencas project aims at strengthening the financing of River Basin Organisations (RBOs) in Latin America. EcoCuencas is an international project with partners in Europe and Latin America, designed to provide practical support to local river basin organizations and national authorities by offering input on the different financing mechanisms which can be employed to achieve financial sustainability. Ecologic is preparing a comprehensive overview of financing mechanisms in a guide on financing RBOs in Latin America, which will be tested in four river basins.

Redistributive financing mechanisms in the context of Climate Change.


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