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Forum Fish Protection and Downstream Fish Migration

Forum Fish Protection and Downstream Fish Migration

16 May 2017 to 17 May 2017
Fish migration and fish protection

The conference will be in line with the thematic approach of the Forum, but it will in particular take into account the need for professional development. The conference will focus on presenting and discussing current research and development projects from Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the following thematic priorities:

  • Fish migration in districts
  • Fish behavior at fish protection and  downstream facilities
  • Anthropogenic and natural mortality along migration routes and project-specific assessment approaches
  • Technical measures for fish protection and downstream fish migration regarding hydroelectric power plants, pumped-storage power plants, sluices and pumping stations

On the basis of the presented research, the current and future action and research requirements regarding fish protection and downstream fish migration from an administrative, legal, political and scientific point of view will be reflected.

Particular attention is paid to fish protection and fish downstream facilities according to EBEL, GLUCH and KEHL. The extensive implementation experience that Saxony-Anhalt has in this regard will be presented during the conference and during the subsequent excursion.