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MinFuture – Methodology Development Workshop Synthesis Brief

MinFuture – Methodology Development Workshop Synthesis Brief

The goal of MinFuture is to develop a common methodology to mineral raw material flows at global level, which can be agreed and used at international level. The goal is not to collect data but to support data collectors. Hence this methodology workshop served to discuss how MinFuture could support data collectors, providers and users. The MinFuture Workshop Synthesis Brief is available for download.


Allesch, A. (2017). Methodology development workshop synthesis brief. MinFuture Deliverable D3.1. Vienna: TU Vienna

Dr. Astrid Allesch
Maren Lundhaug
Camilla Ackermann
Project ID
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Session I: Mineral data collection by Geological Surveys
2.1 Input - Presentations
2.1.1 Evi Petavratzi BGS: Mineral statistics
2.1.2 Tom Heldal NGU: Primary data - Geological Survey of Norway (NGU)
2.1.3 Leopold Weber Geologie Weber: National level Austria
2.2 Discussion of Key Points
3 Session II: Obtaining and harmonising data on urban mines in research projects
3.1 Input - Presentations
3.1.1 Rupert Meyers Yale: An overview of Yale STAF database
3.1.2 Amund Løvik EMPA: PROSUM
3.2 Discussion of Key Points
4 Session III: Material accounting and indicators
4.1 Input - Presentations
4.1.1 Lie Heymans and Philip Nuss EC
4.2 Discussion of Key Points
5 Session IV: Physical National Accounts and international trade
5.1 Input - Presentations
5.1.1 Nancy Snyder UN Statistics: Trade Statistics Perspective
5.1.2 Monika Dittrich & Birte Ewers IFEU:
5.2 Discussion of Key Points
6 Summary
List of Figure
Figure 1: The Raw Materials Scoreboard at a glance
MinFuture Deliverable 3.1: Methodology development workshop synthesis brief
Figure 2: Aspects in trade data reporting that are most crucial & sensitive for result

minerals, demand-supply, population growth, urbanization, technology, material flows, global resource data, Europe, workshop, brief