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Footprints in the Arctic – Evening event

Footprints in the Arctic – Evening event

22 October 2018
Naturkundemuseum Berlin
How can we protect the Arctic?

On behalf of the German Environment Agency (UBA), Ecologic Institute is organising an evening event on Germany's activities in protecting the Arctic. What does Germany actually have to do with the Arctic and what impact do our daily decisions have on it? These and further questions will be discussed on 22 October 2018 during the evening event with experts during the Science Arena and at various information stands. In addition, the premiere of the short film "Footsteps in the Arctic" will be celebrated. The film explores to what extent we in Germany are responsible for the changes in the Arctic and what we can do.

The Arctic is home to unique habitats. Despite the harsh climate, animals and plants live in the Arctic and can withstand the icy cold and extended periods of darkness.

However, this unique environment is under threat: rising air and water temperatures are melting sea ice, glaciers and permafrost in the Arctic. The warmer and more accessible the region becomes, the greater the role that human activities play: In many parts of the Arctic, the extraction of raw materials determines the local development. More ships and tourists are travelling to the Arctic than ever before and it is becoming increasingly difficult for all Arctic inhabitants to adapt to rapid changes. This also applies to the local residents.

The Arctic is only seemingly isolated: pollutants and waste from southern latitudes reach the Arctic region through channels such as air and water currents. The local changes in the far north have an impact on the rest of the world, as the balancing effect of the Arctic on the climate system is disturbed. As a result, the reflection of solar radiation is reduced by the lack of ice surfaces. The Arctic Ocean is warming up even faster than predicted. The thawing of the soil is increasing emissions of climate-relevant gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. This further increases the greenhouse gas effect.

In this way, we in Germany are also leaving our footprints in the Arctic and are affected by the changes surrounding the North Pole. This puts us in a position to take responsibility for environmental protection in the region.

Let us collectively reduce our Arctic footprint!

More information is available on the Facebook event and on the UBA event website.

Registration is still open via the registration form.

We would be pleased to welcome you at the event.