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Plastik in der Umwelt – Quellen • Senken • Lösungsansätze – Programme Flyer

Plastik in der Umwelt – Quellen • Senken • Lösungsansätze – Programme Flyer


Ecologic Institute designed a programme flyer as part of the visual identity for the project "Plastic in the Environment – Sources • Sinks • Solutions." The programme flyer was developed and designed to provide relevant content on conference context, agenda, and the venue in a concerted way to participants.

Plastic in the environment is a global problem and the evidence for the dimension of the issue is indisputable. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is addressing this issue in its current research focus "Plastic in the Environment – Sources • Sinks • Solutions" and is thus supporting the transition to a resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly economy, which is the focus of the flagship initiative "Green Economy" of the framework program "Research for Sustainable Development" (FONA3).


Ecologic Institute (2019): Plastik in der Umwelt. Quellen • Senken • Lösungsansätze. Statuskonferenz 09./10. April 2019, Kalkscheune, Berlin. Programm. Flyer

English, German

Media Format: Standard Flyer
Graphic Design: Beáta Welk Vargová, Lena Aebli

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plastic, water, marine, waste, pollution, sustainable development, interdisciplinary, biodegradable, trade, production, governance, recycling, technology, global, Germany, flyer