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Sustainable Urban Transport Systems: Innovations from Antwerp

Sustainable Urban Transport Systems: Innovations from Antwerp


Procuring sustainable urban transport systems in cities around the world is a challenge made all the more difficult by rapidly increasing levels of urbanization and congestion. Already, promising changes to existing systems to make room for car and bike sharing and a host of new, smarter modes of travel have altered the way we think about mobility. However, managing these changes is not always straightforward and as a rule requires cooperation between interconnected public authorities at multiple levels of governance.

In this EFEX webinar Marijke de Roeck, lead project coordinator of the CIVITAS Portis initiative and Katia Kishchenko, local dissemination manager, discussed sustainable mobility in the city of Antwerp (Belgium). Their presentation touched on the importance of improving cooperation between relevant bodies – in the case of Antwerp, the port and municipal authorities – as well as the city's growing experience with shared mobility services. They also discussed major findings of the CIVITAS Portis project regarding transport choices and behavioral change. The webinar was moderated by Matthias Duwe, Head Climate at Ecologic Institute.

Co-financed by the European Union, CIVITAS Portis is a network of port cities working together to develop cleaner, sustainable urban transport solutions in Europe and abroad. Port cities are unique for the inclusion of sea transport and waterways into discussions of sustainable transport. Since 2002 the program has piloted and implemented over 800 different measures in more than 80 "Living Lab" cities across Europe.

The Energy Future Exchange (EFEX) project is a joint initiative by Ecologic Institute Berlin, Ecologic Institute US and ACEEE funded in part by the EU Delegation to the US, with the goal of supporting and promoting transatlantic dialogue among civil society on issues vital to the EU-US relationship. More information can be found at energyfuturex.org and on Instagram @energyfuturex.