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Capacity Building in Emissions Trading to Support Bilateral Cooperation


Capacity Building in Emissions Trading to Support Bilateral Cooperation


The aim of this project is to promote the international dissemination of knowledge about emissions trading systems, to provide practical experience from Europe and Germany and to support countries in setting up a national emissions trading system. The project's main tasks include the updating and expansion of existing teaching materials on emissions trading, the development of new teaching modules on other topics and the design and implementation of network meetings, workshops and information events (e.g. side events, trade fairs) with experts. In addition, the project team supports foreign governments and government-related institutions on special topics in and outside Germany.

The experiences, relevant knowledge and "good practice" gained in Germany and the EU can thus be passed on to interested countries whereby the project builds on the experience from developing and adapting the emissions trading system in Europe, which was introduced in 2005.

The context of the project is the need for achieving the global climate protection goals set out in the Paris Agreement which requires a far-reaching and immediate decarbonisation of the global economy. Although this transformation is fundamentally regulated on a national basis, many countries are increasingly understanding and advocating for a collective approach to limit global warming to a maximum of 2°C. Two frequently discussed measures include the pricing of greenhouse gas emissions ("carbon pricing") and the establishment of a global carbon market.


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