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EU Climate Policy in the Medium-term (2030) and Long-term (2050+)


EU Climate Policy in the Medium-term (2030) and Long-term (2050+)


In 2014, the European Union committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. The Commission also proposes to aim for full greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050. On behalf of the BMU, Öko-Institute and Ecologic Institute are investigating how these goals can be achieved and what options are available to raise ambition of midterm goals and measures.

The project delivers three research papers:

  1. Review mechanisms in existing laws: The team creates an overview of all review clauses in existing EU laws and regulations. On this basis, it proposes concrete steps to increase ambition.
  2. Sinks: The potential of natural and technical sinks to absorb emissions is estimated. In a second step, the team develops concrete ideas how the sinks can be protected and strengthened through policy measures.
  3. Climate framework post-2030: The team develops ideas for the architecture of European climate and energy policy after 2030.

Result are discussed in expert workshops and published in a final paper. In addition, the team supports the Federal Ministry for the Environment with short analyzes on current topics.

The Ecologic Institute leads the development of the climate framework for the period after 2030 and bears the main responsibility for dissemination of results, but also contributes to all other work packages.


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