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Scientific Support of the Non-fiction Youth Book "Plastik, Müll und Ich"

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Scientific Support of the Non-fiction Youth Book "Plastik, Müll und Ich"


Ecologic Institute is providing scientific support to the non-fiction youth book Plastik, Müll und Ich being written by children and youth author Gesine Grotrian. The book is aimed at answering the questions that young people have about plastics. It is published by Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Gesine Grotrian is exchanging regularly with an advisory committee made up of youths aged 12-19 from Berlin and around the world. Both the design and the composition of the book is developed together with the youths, with 60 questions about plastics being collected by the committee. These questions will then be answered in the book through graphics and illustrations prepared by Gesine Grotrian and Annette Herzog.

Ecologic Institute is providing expert input about the first ideas for the book, as well as facilitating knowledge transfer on the feasibility of answering the questions collected by the young people. To support the composition of graphics and illustrations, Ecologic Institute is also researching background information and data for the book.



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