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Food and Climate Protection

Food and Climate Protection

18 May 2020
Live webinar on food and climate protection

With more than 1500 participants in the live stream and via YouTube, the online webinar "Saving the climate with knife and fork? How our eating habits affect the environment" on 18 May 2020 was a complete success. Together, Tanja Dräger de Teran (WWF) and Stephanie Wunder (Ecologic Institute), highlighted the links between daily nutritional routines and their impact on climate, land use and health.

The event was organized in cooperation with the German Adult Education Association ("Volkshochschulen") and part of the series "Smart Democracy", that deals with topics related to digitalisation and social policy. The open channel Alex Berlin broadcasted the webinar in its livestream. Using an online questioning tool, participants were able to ask questions and took part in a live challenge providing ideas for sustainable food consumption. Key focus of the inputs was on ideas for reducing meat consumption and food waste.

The presentation and the 75-minute recording of the programme with the title "Mit Messer und Gabel das Klima retten? Wie unsere Ernährung die Umwelt beeinflusst" are available online.