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What We Learned about Coal Phaseout by Studying 15 Countries

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What We Learned about Coal Phaseout by Studying 15 Countries

Guest post


Jakob Michael and Jan C. Steckel 2022: Guest post: What we learned about coal phaseout by studying 15 countries. London: Carbon Brief.

Despite the widely recognised need to quickly move away from fossil fuels, particularly coal, many countries continue to invest in this highly polluting source of energy. Despite highly country-specific contexts, Ecologic Institute's Dr. Michael Jakob and Jan C. Steckel (MCC/BTU) found that countries can be grouped into four broad clusters: those that have already announced coal phaseouts; those where coal use is in the process of being phased in; established users of the fuel; and major coal exporters. This guest post briefly presents the key findings of the recently published book, "The Political Economy of Coal".

Why it is proving so hard to break up with coal?
Dr. Michael Jakob
Jan C. Steckel (MCC/BTU)
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