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Policy Instruments to Increase the Use of Recycled Materials

Recycling and giving back

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Policy Instruments to Increase the Use of Recycled Materials


In view of a strong waste management sector with good separate waste collection rates and high recycling rates of over 80 %, Germany is generally well positioned to increase the use of recyclates. So far, however, this potential has only been partially exploited. Against this background, Ecologic Institute, together with the Policy Assessment Research Group of the Freie Universität Berlin, identifies and describes barriers to the use of recyclates and policy instruments to overcome these barriers. Options for action are shown on the basis of selected practical examples.

Raw materials form the basis of material prosperity in Germany. At the same time, Germany's high demand for raw materials goes hand in hand with considerable negative ecological effects, but also with high costs for the domestic economy. Governmental resource conservation policy is therefore indispensable. Germany recognised this early on. With the resource efficiency programme ProgRess I, Germany was one of the first countries to develop such a programme in 2012. Increasing the use of recyclates contributes to using resources more efficiently and is an important pillar of resource conservation policy.

Despite favourable conditions, the potential for the use of recycled materials is not being fully exploited in Germany.


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recylates, recycling, policy instruments, barriers, resource use
Germany, EU
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