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Kreislaufführung und Sekundärrohstoffe

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Kreislaufführung und Sekundärrohstoffe

Praxisbeispiele und Potenziale


Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH (ed.) 2022: Kreislaufführung und Sekundärrohstoffe. Praxisbeispiele und Potenziale. 2. updated edition. Taunusstein / Neuhof: Print Pool GmbH.

This study presents innovative processes and technologies of the circular economy. The case studies come from a range of industries that are of particular importance to the federal state of Hesse and demonstrate the broad applicability of the methods presented.

The case studies are split into five main groups, each containing a few innovative and sustainable projects by various institutions and firms. They also offer insights into the economic and ecological advantages of the projects and provide the readers with a thorough understanding of the processes. The sectors and examples are as follows:

  1. Building Materials: eco-concrete from municipal waste incineration bottom ash; recycling building materials; demolition and processing of concrete as part of an urban mining concept; and innovative wood materials.
  2. Chemistry: recovering methanol from residues; and the decomposition and recycling of sulfuric acids and phosphorus. 
  3. Metals: the recycling of (vehicle) batteries and the recovery of critical metals from electronics and vehicles.
  4. Plastics: high-quality recycling of expanded polypropylene (EPP) packaging waste; and the improvement in plastic waste sorting technology.
  5. Start-ups and Services: highlights various business models such as extending the service life of IT equipment through its remanufacturing and reselling, and the rental of technical equipment. Other case studies include recyclable pizza boxes and the use of waste bread for beer production.

The publication is only available in German.

The circular economy improves raw material security and reduces the environmental impact of our production and consumption. This study shows 17 inspiring examples of how companies and researchers put the circular economy into practice.


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Editing: Dr. Felix Kaup, Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH Olga Grasmück, Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH Sebastian Hummel, Hessisches Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Energie, Verkehr und Wohnen
Design: NONMODO Designagentur UG (hb) & Co.KG
Text: Ecologic Institute gemeinnützige GmbH

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60 pp.
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resource efficiency, material use
Hesse, Germany
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