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Capacity Development for Long-term Climate Neutrality Strategies in Towns and Cities (Ready4NetZero)

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Capacity Development for Long-term Climate Neutrality Strategies in Towns and Cities (Ready4NetZero)


Ready4NetZero aims to support small- and medium-sized cities in Poland, Romania, Hungary and Croatia in the development and implementation of local strategies to reach climate neutrality. To do so, the project creates knowledge resources (written guidance) and provides training and capacity building activities (webinars, workshops, a study visit, an international conference) to equip municipal staff with capacities, knowledge, and networks to develop and implement local long-term climate strategies.

Crucially, in eight pilot cities in Poland, Croatia, Hungary and Romania, the project will kickstart concrete campaigns or actions that will contribute to developing local long-term climate strategies. Such actions can include, for example, co-creating a common vision for a climate neutral city in 2050, launching a stakeholder engagement campaign or conducting a study to inform a local strategy. The project’s activities are accompanied by an outreach and communication campaign to maximise the project's reach and impact.

Ecologic Institute is leading the task on developing a written guidance. In addition, it will organise a study visit to Germany for selected officials of municipalities in Poland, Romania, Hungary and Croatia and webinars to provide tools and knowledge on climate planning for municipalities


The European Union aims to become the world’s first climate neutral continent. To achieve this goal, action is needed at all levels. Cities of all sizes are key actors in this effort. More than half of Europe’s urban population lives in small and medium-sized cities. Local governments are committed to climate action but have limited staff capacity, restricted financial resources and knowledge gaps that hamper their capacity for action. The project aims to address this state of play.

Cities of all sizes are key actors in achieving climate neutrality in the EU.


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