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Chances and Barriers for Technology Providers in the CDM and JI Markets

Chances and Barriers for Technology Providers in the CDM and JI Markets

Chances and Barriers for Technology Providers in the CDM and JI Markets


The project focused on the German technology suppliers’ business opportunities in the CDM/JI-market, and formulated recommendations to strengthen companies involved. It therefore analyzed strengths and weaknesses of technology  suppliers as well as success factors and barriers to participating in the CDM/JI-market. The aim of the project was to develop technology and host country specific recommendations to strengthen the role of German technology exporters in CDM/JI markets and to improve networking between certificate buyers and technology exporters.

The flexible mechanisms CDM and JI offer German companies the option to carry out projects in emerging economies and developing countries, using the resulting certificates for compliance with the European Emissions Trading Scheme. German companies are also involved in the CDM and JI as providers of technologies for the projects involved. This project focused on the latter opportunity for German technology providers to participate in CDM/JI-market.

The study’s first step illustrated the current status of participation and future potential for German technology providers in CDM/JI projects. In a second step, evaluation criteria were applied to a limited range of technologies to identify those relevant to German technology providers. Nine technologies were identified, then analyzed in greater detail.

The analysis included an expert survey documenting the experiences of German companies in CMD/JI projects aimed at gaining further insights on specific characteristics and success factors of the companies already participating in the CDM/JI-market, as well as barriers for companies that are not participating. The survey informed suggestions for simplification and improvement of German firms’ CDM/JI participation.

Finally, the analysis and survey results led to policy recommendations to the German federal government as to how it can strengthen the activities of German technology providers. The recommendations for strengthening the role of German technology exporters include technology-specific and host country specific suggestions as well as recommendations on cooperation and networking among various stakeholders within the CDM/JI-market.


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CDM, JI, technology export, emerging and developing countries
Literature analyses, expert interviews