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Co-ops in the Clouds: Marketing Mountain Foods

Co-ops in the Clouds: Marketing Mountain Foods

Small-scale producers working in Europe's mountain regions create some truly unique and incredible products. However, they often face problems in marketing, distributing, and selling their products. This animated video, produced by Ecologic Institute as part of the mountain.TRIP project, introduces ideas and approaches for solving them. Yes, it takes hard work and careful planning, but the potential of mountain products really is enormous.

The short video uses a lighthearted, and humorous style to visualize selected contents of guidelines for producers of mountain products that were developed in the EuroMARC project. It was produced in eight languages:

The video addresses stakeholders in the supply chain of mountain quality food, such as farmers, producers, processors, wholesalers, retailers, hotels and restaurants. It also addresses the knowledge brokers dealing with the marketing of mountain products, such as administrative bodies responsible for regional economic promotion, regional agricultural advisory services and regional tourism boards. It is targeted more towards an audience unfamiliar with the development, promotion and communication of mountain products.

The video aims to motivate stakeholders to improve their coordination and marketing, as well as to disseminate ideas on how to do it. It is meant to be a teaser that sparks new ideas, discussion and debate amongst the audience, as well as to motivate them to pursue further readings. The video was produced as part of the European Union funded FP7 project mountain.TRIP.


Kemper, Melanie; Reid, Andrew 2011: Co-ops in the Clouds: Marketing Mountain Foods. Berlin: Ecologic Institute. Video online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkDUBcbwlNI

Bulgarian, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish

Script and Production: Melanie Kemper and Andrew Reid
Animation and Sound: Ulla Schmidt and Henning Thomas
Narration: Valerie Gehle, Zoritza Kiresiewa, Jose Manuel Higes Lopez, Chiara Mazzetti, Catalina Munteanu, Michael Schock and Johanna von der Weppen

3:53 min
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mountain, sustainability, sustainable development, cultural heritage, knowledge transfer, knowledge brokerage, research, practice, internet, video, Europe, mountain products, food, cheese, marketing, promotion,