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Anpassungsmaßnahmen an der deutschen Ostseeküste

Anpassungsmaßnahmen an der deutschen Ostseeküste

Auswertung einer qualitativen Befragung von Akteuren auf unterschiedlichen Verwaltungsebenen

Actors from different levels of government have been the focus of this survey on adaptation to climate change, which was carried out as part of RADOST. Questions are explored, what would be possible climate impacts, what can be understood as adaptation measure on the Baltic coast, and who is responsible for the implementation of adaptation measures. The report is available for download.

A total of 20 interviews, with actors from different levels of government in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein were performed in November and December 2011. This survey is closely related to other surveys conducted in RADOST. Namely, this report is taken with respect to a quantitative survey of local decision-makers by Martinez & Bray (2011), the RADOST stakeholder analysis (Knoblauch et al., 2012) and a survey of local decision-makers (Koerth & Sterr, 2012) in the context of the RADOST implementation project, "The Bay of Kiel Climate Alliance".

An important aspect of the survey is the topic of implementation of adaptation measures. Both possible, as well as already implemented adaptation measures within different sectors are discussed and analyzed in the frames of responsibility for the implementation.

The interviewees regard climate change as a fact and effects are mainly associated with sea level rise. Therefore, coastal protection is considered as an important issue in the region. The interviews reveal that some implemented measures (such as beach nourishment) can also be seen in the context of climate adaptation. Nevertheless, it is clear that this issue is fraught with much uncertainty and too often lack clear accountability in the implementation of adaptation measures.

The report [pdf, 800 kB, German] is available for download.


Stelljes, Nico 2012: Anpassungsmaßnahmen an der deutschen Ostseeküste – Auswertung einer qualitativen Befragung von Akteuren auf unterschiedlichen Verwaltungsebenen. RADOST journal series, Report No 13. Ecologic Institute, Berlin.

Published In
RADOST-journal series, Report No. 13
36 pp.
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Table of Contents

1 Einleitung - Hintergrund der Befragung
2 Methodische Vorgehensweise
3 Ergebnisse
3.1 Einschätzung Klimawandel
3.1.1 Bezug auf aktuelles Wettergeschehen
3.1.2 Der schlimmste Fall
3.2 Informationsangebot
3.3 Kooperationen
3.4 Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Partizipation
3.5 Anpassung an den Klimawandel aus Sicht der Interviewten
3.5.1 Verständnis von Anpassung
3.5.2 Klimaanpassung vs. Klimaschutz
3.5.3 Anpassung in bestehenden Strukturen und Maßnahmen
3.6 Maßnahmen zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel
3.6.1 Küstenschutz
3.6.2 Tourismus
3.6.3 Gewässermanagement & Landwirtschaft
3.6.4 Häfen & maritime Wirtschaft
3.6.5 Naturschutz
3.6.6 Erneuerbare Energien
3.6.7 Raumordnung / Raumplanung
3.6.8 Information & Kommunikation als Anpassung
3.7 Spielräume zur Umsetzung von Maßnahmen
3.8 Grenzen der Umsetzung – Barrieren
4 Schlussfolgerung und Ausblick
5 Literatur
6 Anhang

Climate change, adaptation, mitigation, adaptation strategies, Baltic Sea Coast, Europe