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Forum "Fischschutz und Fischabstieg"

Forum "Fischschutz und Fischabstieg"

3. Workshop "Schutz und Erhalt von Fischpopulationen – Was ist nötig?"
The facilitation of downstream fish migration requires a good knowledge of population ecology.

This paper sums up the results of the third workshop in the Forum on Fish Protection and Downstream Migration. The workshop addressed the biological foundations and management strategies for the protection and preservation of fish populations. The special focus of the workshop was aimed at the challenges to protecting and preserving fish populations during their downstream migrations at dams, hydropower structures, and water extraction facilities.

The paper is exclusively based on issues that were raised at the workshop, drawn up and discussed by the participants. The paper [pdf, 841 KB, German] is available for download.


Ecologic Institut 2013: Ergebnisse des 3. Workshop des Forums "Fischschutz und Fischabstieg" in Koblenz: "Schutz und Erhalt von Fischpopulationen – Was ist nötig?", Berlin.

26 pp.
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Table of Contents

1. Einleitung und Anlass
2. Ergebnisse und Empfehlungen
2.1 Populationsbiologische Grundlagen
2.2 Flussgebietsbezogene Strategien und Maßnahmen an Anlagen zum Aufbau und zum Erhalt von Fischpopulationen

Programm des Workshops
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water, EU Water Framework Directive, WFD, fish protection, downstream fish migration, nature conservation, biodiversity, energy, best practices, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Europe