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Internationale Beispiele der Klimaanpassung

Internationale Beispiele der Klimaanpassung

RADOST Report No 19
Summary of good examples of climate adaptation

The RADOST Report No. 19 deals with international case studies of climate adaptation. For each of the six RADOST focus topics (coastal protection, tourism and beach management, water management and agriculture, ports and maritime economy, conservation and land use and renewable energies) and accompanied by the topics planning and participation, three adaptation examples are presented.

In total, 24 examples from countries such as Denmark, Sweden, UK, USA and Japan are discussed. Additionally to the information about the examples, in many cases interviews with officials from the respective regions were conducted. A distinction can be made between processes of adaptation and adaptation measures. The examples of a managed realignment from the UK or the use of wave energy on Lithuania can be understood as an adaptation measure. Adaptation processes are shown from a community in New Zealand or the port of San Diego, USA. The example were selected and evaluated on the basis of eight criteria, such as effectiveness, efficiency, or flexibility. The brochure is closing with references to online-based tools and information.

This report shows a range of possible adaptation measures for different sectors that demonstrate stakeholder on the Baltic, how climate change, adaptation, and related topics are handled in other regions.

The report is available for download (in German only).


Nico Stelljes, Grit Martinez 2013: Internationale Beispiele der Klimaanpassung. RADOST-journal series, Report No13, Berlin.

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99 pp.
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Table of Contents

1. Einleitung
2. Klimawandel
3. Informationen, Netzwerke und Finanzierung
4. Planung
5. Partizipation und gesellschaftliche Akzeptanz
6. Fallbeispiele nach Fokusthemen
6.1. Küstenschutz
6.2. Tourismus und Strandmanagement
6.3. Gewässermanagement & Landwirtschaft
6.4. Häfen und maritime Wirtschaft
6.5. Naturschutz und Nutzungen
6.6. Erneuerbare Energien
7. Schlussfolgerungen und Ausblick
8. Anhang

good-practise, climate adaptation measures and strategies, Baltic sea, Helsinki, Finland, Britisch Columbia, Canada, Florida, Maryland, United States, Kalundborg, Denmark, Whitianga, New Zealand, Timmendorfer Strand, Germany, Humber-estuary, United Kingdom, Klaipeda, Lithuania