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Scoping Paper on Trade, Agriculture, and Biodiversity Conservation in Europe


Tarasofsky, Richard; Keya Choudhury; Stefanie Pfahl 2001: Scoping Paper on Trade, Agriculture, and Biodiversity Conservation in Europe. Berlin.

Keya Choudhury
Stefanie Pfahl
42 S.

1 Introduction
2 Survey of key policy instruments that affect and express European policy
2.1 World Trade Organization
2.1.1 WTO Agreement on Agriculture
2.1.2 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement
2.1.3 Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)
2.2 Convention on Biological Diversity
2.3 Biosafety Protocol to the Convention on Biological Diversity
2.4 EC Regulations on Common Agricultural Policy
2.4.1 Agenda 2000 and related regulations
2.4.2 Accession Process
2.4.3 Cardiff Strategy on Agriculture
2.4.4 EU Biodiversity strategy
2.5 Environment for Europe Process
3 Survey of developments within official institutions that impact on European policy
3.1 Developments within the WTO
3.1.1 WTO Committee on Trade and Environment (CTE)
3.1.2 Committee on Agriculture
3.1.3 SPS Committee
3.1.4 TRIPS Council
3.2 Developments within CBD
3.2.1 Work programme on agriculture
3.3 Developments within Biosafety Protocol
3.4 Developments within the European Union
3.4.1 European Agriculture and its multifunctional role
3.4.2 Integrating biodiversity concerns into European Strategies and Programmes
3.4.3 Developments within the Accession Process
3.5 Developments within the Environment for Europe Process
4 Possible Case Studies
5 Survey of main European NGOs, institutions, government agencies, and other possible "policy think tanks" including Universities etc. active on the link between trade, agriculture and biodiversity
6 Annotated Bibliography