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Decarbonization of Finance

For more than a quarter century, cutting-edge professionals in Germany and the United States have laid the foundation for a fundamental transformation of the financial industry. Due to their foresight and creativity, the world economy is poised to transition from a fossil fuel-oriented past to a sustainable, clean energy future. Several questions, however, still require answers. How can new opportunities be dynamically leveraged? What new risks are involved and how can they be managed? How best can ESG and sustainability indicators be quantified and integrated into the decision making process? And how do we move forward confidently amidst regulatory and policy uncertainty? Our goal was to determine what questions we should be asking as we set the stage for further research and dialogue, putting those of us committed to protecting the environment and the expansion of prosperity in position to create a dynamic and sustainable future.Read more

Supporting Delivery of Climate Ambition Through the Energy Union

What is needed from Member States' National Energy Plans?
The briefing "Supporting delivery of climate ambition through the Energy Union: What is needed from Member States' National Energy Plans?" presents key messages from three research papers that have considered the options for reforming planning and reporting, and related issues that are fundamental to the development of credible governance arrangements for the Energy Union.Read more

REFRESH Dissemination Strategy

This document sets out the overarching communication strategy of REFRESH. It introduces the dissemination-related objectives of REFRESH, identifies relevant target groups, describes the different communication instruments of REFRESH and explains the role of the consortium partners in dissemination.Read more

EU Effort Sharing Decision after 2020

Project-Based Mechanisms and Other Flexibility Instruments
The European Council agreed that flexibility within the non-ETS sectors will be "significantly enhanced" after 2020. A new paper by the Ecologic Institute analyses options to enhance flexibility. The paper focusses on project-based mechanisms and is available for download.Read more

An Effective Governance System for 2030 EU Climate and Energy Policy

Design and Requirements
The European Council decided to develop a "reliable and transparent governance system" for the 2030 EU climate and energy policy framework. The European Commission proposed a number of details of the new governance framework. However, neither the European Council nor the Commission specified the relationship between relevant legislation, up-coming legislative processes and this new governance system. Against this backdrop, this paper discusses options and requirements for an effective governance framework for climate and energy policy beyond 2020. The discussion paper is available for download.

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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and its Relevance for Global Sustainable Land Use

Christiane Gerstetter, Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute, prepared a discussion paper on "The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and its relevance for global sustainable land use" as part of the GLOBALANDS project. The paper is available for download.

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