Valorising Unavoidable Food Waste

Results of the EU Research Project REFRESH


Ecologic Institute 2019: Valorising Unavoidable Food Waste. REFRESH. Video. Online:

This video shows options studied within REFRESH of how to use food side flows in a more sustainable way than it is done today. One example is feeding treated surplus food to omnivorous livestock.

REFRESH also developed the decision support tool FORKLIFT which helps to evaluate options for using unavoidable food production side flows, compare their costs and environmental impacts.

The EU research project "Resource Efficient Food and dRink for the Entire Supply cHain" (REFRESH) ran from 2015-2019. The 26 project partners from across Europe and China have made considerable progress in tackling food losses and food waste along production and supply chains with an integrated approach towards a more sustainable and responsible food system.

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Interview partners:
Karen Luyckx, Karin Östergren, and Stephanie Wunder

Concept & Script: Melanie Kemper, Lena Aebli, Stephanie Wunder (Ecologic Institute)
Video editing & Animation: Lena Aebli (Ecologic Institute)
Voice-over: Laura Wilkinson (Voice Pool)
Camera: Jan Jessen

Published in
Ecologic Institute's YouTube channel
9:20 min
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Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, China, Europe, Asia
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