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Quiz: Food Waste Valorisation

Quiz: Food Waste Valorisation


The production of food results in by-products. Instead of disposing them as waste, they can also be valorised into new products. This quiz lets you find out what new products can be made from this food waste. The player scrolls two image galleries and chooses two pictures that correspond as food waste and new product. There are eight possible pairs to be found. How many pairs can you find?


© 2019 REFRESH | Development: Ecologic Institute


Visit the REFRESH FoodWasteEXplorer if you want to learn more about the biochemical composition of agri-food waste streams. The FoodWasteEXplorer is an online database that can aid identification of market opportunities and better byproduct utilisation.

This quiz has been developed within the EU research project REFRESH. REFRESH is funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union under Grant Agreement no. 641933.


Ecologic Institute 2019: Quiz: Food Waste Valorisation. Online: eu-refresh.org/quiz

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