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Bereit zur Wende – Online Course

The online course offers the possibility to achieve basic knowledge about the German energy system, renewable energies and the challenges the "Energiewende" in Germany has to face. The course provides interactive and entertaining questions regarding sustainable energies and takes about 2 to 2,5 hours of time, while each chapter lasts 15 to 30 minutes. The course is part of the project "Erneuerbare Energien in der Lehrerbildung verankern!" and thus includes suggestions for teaching approaches.Read more

European Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow – POCACITO

The Ecologic Institute is responsible for concept, design, programming and content of the POCACITO project website. The website provides information on the project, the case studies and the project results. There is also a "marketplace of ideas", where users can search for specific information by filtering the topics, locations and population. An interactive map then shows the accompanying cities. Furthermore all news about the project can be found in the blog on the website.Read more

Post‐Carbon Cities of Tomorrow (POCACITO)

The project POCACITO focused on uncovering how to improve the resilience of cities and regions in order to reduce existing and emerging conflicts over resources and their use in light of societal mega‐trends, environmental deterioration and climate change. It developed an evidence‐based 2050 roadmap for EU post‐carbon cities and thus supported the transition process to a post‐carbon economy occurring in cities and towns, ranging from megacities to metropolitan areas and urban agglomerations larger than 1 million people as well as small and medium‐sized cities. The website which was designed and created by Ecologic Institute serves as the central platform for collaborative writing. The internal area provides access to current drafts, discussions and a list of all partners working on a project. The website houses the dissemination and offers an overview and detailed fact sheets about case studies and post-carbon cities.Read more

Economics of Climate Change Adaptation in Europe (ECONADAPT)

Recognizing that there is an economic rationale for climate change adaptation, the ECONADAPT project set out to advance the knowledge and evidence base on the economics of adaptation and to develop practical material to support decision making processes. ECONADAPT applied adaptation economics in several decision making scenarios that could require economic information including risk management, project appraisal, impact assessments and planning processes. Throughout the project innovative methods were co-developed and tested in a participative way with diverse stakeholders engaged in adaptation policy at multiple governance scales. Ecologic Institute designed and developed the project's website which presents the resources, case studies and the latest project news.Read more

The Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy Network (ELEEP)

ELEEP is a dynamic, membership-only forum for the exchange of ideas, policy solutions, best-practices and professional development for early and mid-career North American and European leaders working on environmental and energy issues. Ecologic Institute developed ELEEP's website which offers a place for ELEEP members to interactively exchange information in a blog, register for ELEEP study tours, get news about ELEEP and join online events. The website also contains a dynamic map displaying the origins of ELEEP's fellows and alumni. Read more

Geschichte der Umweltpolitikberatung – Oral History

The project "From 'The Blue Sky above the Ruhr' to the Energiewende" aimed at shedding light to the factors that have driven the development of scientific environmental policy advice in Germany. The project team applied the "oral history method", holding a total of 20 interviews with contemporary witnesses. Ecologic Institute produced the project website which provides an overview of the goals, methods and partners of the project. The project's findings as well as videos of the interviews are available for viewing in the media library.Read more

European Union Action to Fight Environmental Crime (EFFACE)

The EU research project EFFACE assesses the impacts of environmental crime as well as effective and feasible policy options for combatting it, with a focus on the EU. Ecologic Institute designed and developed the EFFACE website which provides an overview of the project objectives, structure and partners as well as events. Furthermore the website provides links to the project findings, publications and policy briefs and hosts the EFFACE Newsletter. An internal area supports the coordination of the project work that involves 11 European universities and think tanks.Read more

Bottom-Up Climate Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe (BASE)

The EU research project BASE supports action for sustainable climate change adaptation in Europe. The Ecologic Institute designed and developed the project's website. It contains an interactive map, which gives an overview of the BASE case studies. Furthermore the webpage provides detailed information on the project and its events as well as publications for download. Users can also subscribe for the newsletter.Read more

Demonstration of Promising Technologies to Address Emerging Pollutants in Water and Waste Water (DEMEAU)

The water and waste water sector is facing challenges to assure safe, cost-effective and sustainable water supply and sanitation services. DEMEAU promotes the uptake of new knowledge, prototypes and practices enabling the water cycle sector to face emerging pollutants and thus securing water and waste water services and public health. Ecologic Institute created the DEMEAU website. It presents the project and its outputs and contains an internal area for project management and collaborative writing. Read more


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