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Seafood in Europe

Seafood in Europe

A Food System Approach for Sustainability

This report, prepared by the EEA and the Ecologic Institute, builds on a food system approach to explore the knowledge base, and the mesh of actors and activities that enable the EU to produce, trade and consume seafood. It then further assesses the implications of such a food system analysis for EU policy and knowledge development as a means to transform Europe's food system in line with sustainability goals. The report identifies three complementary pathways in the current EU food and seafood related policy framework, and the related knowledge base that can help support a more functional system. The report is available for download.


EEA, 2016: Seafood in Europe. A food system approach for sustainability. Technical report No 25/2016, European Environment Agency, Copenhagen.

Constança Belchior (EEA)

Henrice Jansen and Gerjan Piet (ETC-ICM/Wageningen Marine Research)
Mark Dickey-Collas (ETC-ICM/International Council for the Exploration of the Sea)
Keighley McFarland and Lucy Olivia Smith (ETC-ICM/Ecologic Institute)
Cathy Maguire, Eva Gelabert and Johnny Reker (EEA)

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EEA Technical report
55 pp.
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Table of Contents

Authors and acknowledgements
Executive summary
1 Introduction
1.1 Food connects people, the planet and prosperity
1.2 About this report
2 Sustainability in the food system
2.1 The global and European seafood landscape
2.2 Taking a food system approach
2.3 Exploring sustainability in the food system
3 Interactions in the journey of fish to fork
3.1 The influence of international trade on seafood production
3.2 Aquaculture feed connects fisheries, aquaculture and land
3.3 A globalised seafood supply chain with emerging partnerships
3.4 Market incentives and consumer choices for sustainability
4 Transforming Europe's food system
4.1 Building a shared understanding of the food system at the EU level
4.2 Improving the seafood knowledge base
4.3 Implementing an ecosystem approach to Europe's seas
5 Looking ahead — food for thought

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