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An Introduction to RISC-KIT

An Introduction to RISC-KIT

This movie gives an overview of the five tools developed within the EU-funded collaborative FP7 project RISC-KIT: 1) a Storm Impact Database, 2) a Coastal Risk Assessment Framework, 3) a Web-based Management Guide, 4) a Hotspot tool and Early Warning System and 5) a Multi-Criteria Analysis Guide. These products will enhance forecasting, prediction and early warning capabilities, improve the assessment of long-term coastal risk and optimize the mix of prevention, mitigation and preparedness measures. The movie, animated by Ecologic Institute's visual designer Beáta Vargová, is available via Ecologic Institute's YouTube channel.

For details on each tool and the general approach we refer to the documents on www.Risckit.eu.

RISC-KIT an EU FP7 Collaborative project, led by Deltares, in which methods, tools and management approaches are developed to reduce risk and increase resilience to low-frequency, high-impact hydro-meteorological events in the coastal zone.


RISC-KIT Consortium 2016: An Introduction to RISC-KIT. Animated Video. Online: https://youtu.be/VcwKA2nCIk4


Concept: Ruth Higgins, Cristina Costa (EurOcean)
Script: EurOcean, Deltares and the RISC-KIT Consortium
Animation: Beáta Vargová (Ecologic Institute)
Speaker: Steve Taylor (voice-pool.com)

4:03 min
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adaptation, risk reduction, coasts, storms, climate change, sustainability, stakeholder engagement, policy integration, knowledge transfer, environmental governance, tool, toolbox, Europe, film, video, movie, animation