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Dialogue Forum "Business Mitigates Climate Change"

Dialogue Forum "Business Mitigates Climate Change"

The Dialogue Forum "Business mitigates climate change" aims to increase networking within the German economy to improve climate protection. After the spring of 2017, up to 180 companies from all sectors of the economy will work closer together and exchange information for a planned period of three years. The focus is on developing joint strategies and practical implementation measures for climate protection in companies. In addition, the Dialogue Forum will serve as a platform to present climate protection management strategies of the German economy. Thus, the achievements of pioneering German companies can become internationally visible.

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Ecologic Institute is planning and organizing the forum together with Ernst & Young and the Wuppertal Institute.

Ecologic Institute will develop and implement concepts for all events planned in the project. In addition, the Institute supports the company-led work groups in terms of content and organization and provides contributions to public relations work, in particular through the development of the logo and design.

Ernst & Young, Germany
January 2017 to December 2019
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