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Business Mitigates Climate Change – kick-off event for the working group sessions

Business Mitigates Climate Change – kick-off event for the working group sessions

8 March 2018

At the kick kick-off event for its six thematic working groups, the dialogue forum "Business Mitigates Climate Change" of around 200 leading German companies discussed how they could increase their climate change mitigation efforts and move forward on the way to a low carbon economy. Ecologic Institute organised the conference together with Ernst & Young and Wuppertal Institut.

With this event the dialogue board entered its working phase. In the long run, the participating companies will come together in a series of meetings and work in six working groups to jointly develop and implement strategies and practical measures for climate protection in companies.

Ecologic Insitute, in collaboration with steering committee member Munich Re, is leading the working group ‘The Finance Industry and Climate Protection’. Consisting of a highly diverse group of representatives from the manufacturing industry, the finance sector, start-ups and energy market service providers, this working group focuses on climate risk evaluation and finance opportunities for climate measures in companies.

Over the course of the next two years, the working group aims at identifying potential measures and market opportunities for the finance sector to increase this sector’s climate mitigation efforts. The next working group meeting will take place in June 2018. For updates on the outcomes of the working group, please also have a look at the official website.

8 March 2018
Berlin, Germany
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