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Evaluation of DRR Plans

Risc-Kit Bericht

Evaluation of DRR Plans


Barquet K. and Cumiskey L. (2015). Evaluation of DRR plans. Unpublished report (deliverable D4.2) RISC-KITProject.

This report shows the results from the implementation of the MCA in eight RISC-KIT cases that highlights several key lessons for future DRR projects with regards to a) the importance of sufficient preparation for participatory sessions; b) stakeholder interaction and inclusion in the DRR projects; c) the way research results are presented to non-research communities; d) and the challenges of implementing single-approaches to diverse contexts.

The Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) is one of the five tools used to assess the proposed measures in each of the RISC-KIT case studies with respect to criteria that capture the key dimensions of the decision-making process. The analysis is based on a one-time workshop with key stakeholders in each of the cases. In this workshop, stakeholders systematically score and weigh out options against three selected criteria (feasibility, acceptability, and sustainability).

The Resilience-Increasing Strategies for Coasts – toolKIT (RISC-KIT) is a research project aimed at delivering ready-to-use methods, tools and management approaches to reduce risk from coastal storms and increase the resilience of Europe’s coastal zones.


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Karina Barquet (SEI)
Lydia Cumiskey (Deltares)

Óscar Ferreira (University of Algarve)
Susana Costas (University of Algarve)
Theocharis Plomaritis (University of Algarve)
Enrico Duo (Consorzio Futuro in Ricerca)
Clara, Armaroli (Consorzio Futuro in Ricerca)
Tom Spencer (Cambridge University)
Elizabeth Christie (Cambridge University)
Nico Stelljes (Ecologic Institute)
Katriona McGlade (Ecologic Institute)
Nikolay Valchev (Bulgarian Academy of Science, Institute of Oceanology)
Guntram Seiss (Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute)
Silvia De Angeli (CIMA Research Foundation)
Jean-Rémy Huguet (LIENS)
Xavier Bertin (LIENS)
José A. Jiménez (UPC)

Review: Grit Martinez (Ecologic Institute)

132 pp.
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adaptation, risk reduction, coasts, storms, climate change, sustainability, stakeholder engagement, policy integration, knowledge transfer, environmental governance, ethnographic studies, interviews, indicators
Europe, Germany, Kiel, Sweden, France, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, UK, Spain