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Unsere Bäche und Flüsse

Cover of the publication "Our brooks and rivers". Background image shows a restored river basin.

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Unsere Bäche und Flüsse

renaturieren – entwickeln – naturnah unterhalten


Federal Environment Agency (ed.) 2020: Unsere Bäche und Flüsse: renaturieren – entwickeln – naturnah unterhalten. Compiled by Lamberty G., Kemper M. und Naumann S., Dessau-Roßlau.

This brochure provides insights into the contents of the Federal Environment Agency's online information platform "River restoration". The aim of the platform and this brochure is to motivate and support potential actors for increased implementation of river restoration measures. Therefore, basic knowledge on the ecological development of rivers and brooks is provided in a clear and understandable way. It also provides information on practical issues of planning, financing and land provision, but also on flood protection, nature conservation, agriculture and recreation. Restoration project examples further illustrate these topics. The brochure is available for download.

The EC Water Framework Directive and the German Water Management Act oblige to achieve "good ecological water status" by 2015. In many places in Germany this goal has not been achieved. For almost 92% of all water bodies, time extensions and exemptions were claimed. Monotonous water body structures, along with pollutants, are one of the main reasons why the objectives of the EC Water Framework Directive have not been met in Germany. Restoration aims to improve the hydromorphological structure of water bodies and makes a significant contribution to the implementation of the EC Water Framework Directive and the Water Management Act.

Between 2017 and 2020, Ecologic Institute and the project partners designed, compiled and implemented the German Federal Environment Agency's online information platform on river restoration.

Our rivers and brooks: restoration – development – near-natural maintenance


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Georg Lamberty (Planungsbüro Zumbroich)
Stephan Naumann (Umweltbundesamt)

Design and Layout: Lena Aebli (Ecologic Institute)

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