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Future Direction of a Sustainable European Neighbourhood Policy

Future Direction of a Sustainable European Neighbourhood Policy

The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) seeks to create a system of graduated co-operation and association contracts. The core will be a pan-European internal market. However, the integration of other policies, most notably in the areas of security co-operation, energy and the environment, play a crucial role. Other geopolitical actors like Russia will compete with the EU on the concepts that will define the common European space of the future.

The aim of this project was to produce an Ecologic Brief analysing the current and future impact of the European Union on the sustainable development of its neighbours to the South and East and to make proposals for the future direction of the ENP. The Ecologic Brief was launched in a session convened by Ecologic and the Bellagio Forum at the 2006 Annual Conference of the European Foundation Centre (EFC).

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Bellagio Forum for Sustainable Development (BFSD), Germany
March 2006 to May 2006
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European Neighbourhood Policy, ENP, Free Trade, Sustainable Development, Environment, Energy Security, Investment, Civil Society Participation, Citizenship, Democracy, Mediterranean, Europe, Africa, Asia