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A European-wide Network of Pilot Farmers for a Carbon Neutral Europe (Climate Farm Demo)

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A European-wide Network of Pilot Farmers for a Carbon Neutral Europe (Climate Farm Demo)

Research Program

Climate Farm Demo is a unique pan-European network of Pilot Demo Farmers covering 28 countries and all pedo-climatic areas. Its overall aim it to accelerate the adoption of Climate Smart Farming (CSF) practices and solutions by farmers and all actors of the Climate Smart Agriculture Knowledge & Innovation Systems (AKIS) with a view of adapting agricultural production systems to climate change and of achieving a carbon-neutral agricultural sector by 2050, thereby meeting the targets of the EU Climate strategy.

To reach this objective, the project adopts a Multi-Actor approach by connecting 1500 Pilot Demo Farmers and their Climate Farm Advisors (CFAs) at European and national levels to increase knowledge exchange and cross-fertilisation in their respective AKIS. The Climate Farm Advisors will support the Pilot Demo Farmers in implementing Adaptation and Mitigation Measures suggested by contextualised guidelines and will assess and monitor their environmental performance thanks to harmonized methodologies and tools. Technical and social innovations covering a broad range of thematic areas will be demonstrated to the wider farming community across six annual demo-campaigns (4500 demo-events) supporting interactive and peer to peer learning. New and innovative Climate Smart Farming solutions will be co-created in 10 Living Labs spread across Europe, and lessons learned from multi-actor innovation will be shared and scaled. A set of public and private rewarding mechanisms will be identified, proposed and demonstrated to the AKIS actors, thus incentivising the uptake of Climate Smart Farming solutions while ensuring sustainable business models. Strategic and operational cooperation will be organised with projects, flagship initiatives and policy-makers at European and national levels in order to share knowledge, organise coordinated actions, and produce policy briefs. Finally, to accelerate the wide spreading and uptake of results, an ambitious dissemination, exploitation and communication strategy will be deployed at EU and national levels.

Ecologic Institute is responsible for analysing rewarding mechanisms to understand their relevance and appropriateness for funding climate smart farming, describing successful examples of rewarding mechanisms and their outcomes as appropriate for different stages of transition and provide recommendations for scaling up of reward mechanisms, including their combinations.

A Multi-Actor approach connecting 1500 Pilot Demo Farmers at European and national level to accelerate the adoption of Climate Smart Farming practices achiving a carbon neutral agricultural sector by 2050.


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