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The European Green Deal Symphony: Conducting the net-zero transition

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The European Green Deal Symphony: Conducting the net-zero transition

Eight episode of the podcast "Green Deal – Big Deal?"


Ecologic Institute 2023: The European Green Deal symphony: conducting the net-zero transition. Podcast. Online:

The journey to net-zero emissions requires thousands of different policy interventions at all sorts of different times and across all sectors. Similarly, an orchestra is made up of many different instruments – all of which have to play the same tune at the right time! The conductor makes sure that all these different instruments do exactly that. Likewise, a governance framework plays that role in climate policy: it makes sure that all the policies are playing the same tune, working together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect and restore nature. 

Of course, there are many questions associated with governance of the European Green Deal: What does governance mean, and how does it play out in the EU context? Why is it important to consider viewpoints, ideas and needs from different social groups, stakeholders and scientific experts when designing policies – and how to do it? What is the difference between binding instruments, such as laws and non-binding ones, such as strategies? And why are non-binding initiatives still valuable in influencing the EU governance landscape? 

In the latest "Green Deal – Big Deal?" podcast episode, the hosts Ewa Iwaszuk and Nick Evans from Ecologic Institute discuss these questions, together with their interview guests Claire Dupont (University of Ghent) and Sharon Turner (independent expert associated with European Climate Foundation and University of Sussex). The two guests explain their understanding of EU governance, how it has evolved over the years, and its crucial role in shaping Europe's future.   

New episodes will be released every month and can be accessed directly below or streamed on popular podcast platforms, such as SpotifyApple PodcastsDeezerGoogle Podcasts or Amazon Music. Check out the Green Deal – Big Deal? website for more information on the podcast and webinar series.

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Listening to our podcast is nice, but not enough for you? You are in luck! In addition to the podcast series, we are organizing a series of eight online events, targeting young Europeans aged 18-35. The recordings of the "Green Deal – Big Deal for Youth?" and the "Farm to Fork: Feeding a continent without wrecking a planet" webinars are already online. Keep an eye on the upcoming webinars and enter the dialogue with us and our invited experts. We are keen to hear your questions, suggestions and ideas and discuss them together. Are you on board? Sign up for our mailing list, and we'll keep you up to date with upcoming webinars.


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Concept and Content: Ewa Iwaszuk, Nick Evans, Aaron Best, Karl Lehmann (Ecologic Institute)
Sound: Lena Aebli (Ecologic Institute)
Hosts: Ewa Iwaszuk, Nick Evans
Interview partners: Claire Dupont (University of Ghent) and Sharon Turner (independent expert associated with European Climate Foundation and University of Sussex)

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