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Comparative Policy Analysis

Comparative Policy Analysis

US, EU and Transatlantic Arctic Policy

This policy analysis, prepared for the Arctic TRANSFORM project, provides a comparative analysis of EU and U.S. policy relevant to dealing with the effects of climate change in Arctic marine areas.

Arctic marine governance at present is a patchwork of rules, measures and polices at various levels and institutions. A key question is how better co-ordination among the current sectoral and regional approaches can be achieved to address future governance needs. A second question is whether even better co-ordination among these approaches will suffice to meet these needs, or whether a more comprehensive approach is required. Addressing the unique challenges facing the marine Arctic could be an opportunity for both the EU and U.S. to revitalise their co-operation and show combined environmental leadership.


Best, Aaron; Ralph Czarnecki; Timo Koivurova and Erik J. Molenaar 2009: Comparative policy analysis: US, EU and transatlantic Arctic policy. Ecologic Institute, Berlin.

Ralph Czarnecki
Timo Koivurova
Erik J. Molenaar
56 pp.
Arctic, shipping, fisheries, offshore hydrocarbon, indigenous peoples, environmental governance, policy options, climate change, EU, US