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Jahrbuch Ökologie 2011

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Jahrbuch Ökologie 2011

Die Klima-Manipulateure – Rettet uns Politik oder Geo-Engineering?


Altner, Günter et al. (Eds.) 2010: Die Klima-Manipulateure - Rettet uns Politik oder Geo-Engineering?. Stuttgart: S. Hirzel Verlag.

The Yearbook Ecology 2011 focuses on geo-engineering as an important alternative to the policy of reducing emissions and adapting to climate change. Two prominent technology variants are presented in detail, and the pros and cons of geo-engineering are carefully mapped and evaluated. Other chapters are devoted to related developments in law, business and civil society. The Ecologic Institute is one of the institutes supporting the yearbook and has contributed a chapter to the 2011 edition.

The chapter "Steps towards a renaissance of climate diplomacy in Europe." in the Yearbook Ecology 2011 was written by Sascha Müller-Kraenner, a founder and partner of the Ecologic Institute.

The Yearbook Ecology appears on an annual basis and:

  • informs about the ecological situation and trends in several sectors of the natural environment,
  • analyses public and international environmental policy,
  • offers a discussion on important environmental issues,
  • documents historical environmental events and initiatives,
  • describes best-practice-examples and drafts visions for a sustainable world,
  • is directed to an environmentally conscious public that searches for sustainable ways of interacting with nature,
  • is dedicated to a broad understanding of ecology that includes the day-to-day relationship of human beings, nature, society and the environment.


248 pp.
climate, climate manipulation, geo-engineering, climate systems, climate diplomacy