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Jahrbuch Ökologie 2015


Jahrbuch Ökologie 2015

Re-Naturierung – Gesellschaft im Einklang mit der Natur


Leitschuh, Heike et al. (eds.) 2014: Jahrbuch Ökologie 2015 – Re-Naturierung. Gesellschaft im Einklang mit der Natur]. Stuttgart: S. Hirzel Verlag.

The Yearbook Ecology 2015 was published at the end of August 2014. This issue's focus is on re-naturation: society in harmony with nature, which is examined from economic, social, technical and ecological points of view. Ecologic Institute is one of the institutes supporting this yearbook and contributed three articles in the 2015 edition:

Jenny Tröltzsch, Nico Stelljes and Ulf Stein wrote an article on ecological flood protection in the chapter "Renaturation – Concepts and Projects."

Grit Martinez and Mike K. Orbach compare coastal protection in Europe and the USA in the chapter "Persistent human-nature conflicts."

In the same chapter, Felix Döhler, Max Grünig and Susanne Langsdorf examine the topic "Eco-City - Vision and Reality".

The Yearbook Ecology:

  • informs about the ecological situation and trends in several sectors of the natural environment,
  • analyzes public and international environmental policy,
  • documents historical environmental events and initiatives,
  • describes best-practice-examples and drafts visions for a sustainable world,
  • is directed to an environmentally conscious public that searches for sustainable ways of interacting with nature,
  • is dedicated to a broad understanding of ecology that includes the day-to-day relationship of human beings, nature, society and the environment.
  • is a referred, carefully edited and easily comprehensible fact book, meeting high scientific requirements while providing valuable practical inputs.

The Yearbook Ecology is available at the price of 21,90 € in all bookstores and on the Internet, e.g. via Amazon.


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Series: Jahrbuch Ökologie, 2015
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256 pp.
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renaturation, nature conservation, understanding of nature, degradation, nature-mankind relationship, wilderness, environmental awareness, flood protection, coastal protection, eco-city