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Jahrbuch Ökologie 2012


Jahrbuch Ökologie 2012

Grüner Umbau – Neue Allianzen für die Umwelt


Altner, Günter et al. (eds.) 2011: Jahrbuch Ökologie 2012: Grüner Umbau]. Stuttgart: S. Hirzel Verlag.

With the impending nuclear energy phase out, how can the energy system successfully adapt and rebuild? What concepts and which alliances are necessary for the transition from a fossil- nuclear world to the solar era? The Ecology Yearbook 2012 addresses these fundamental issues from economic, social, and technical perspectives. It keeps track of which options can lead to a green transformation, but also looks at unresolved environmental conflicts, which can only be addressed through innovators and new and transformative research. The Ecologic Institute is one of the institutes supporting the yearbook and has contributed a chapter to the 2012 edition.

In his chapter "Transformation: Ökosystemleistungen und Grüne Wirtschaft", Sascha Müller-Kraenner, a founder and partner of the Ecologic Institute, examined two central aspects of the ongoing debate about the fundamental transformation of the economy: "ecosystem services" and the "Green Economy".

The Ecology Yearbook appears on an annual basis and

  • informs about the ecological situation and trends in several sectors of the natural environment,
  • analyses public and international environmental policy,
  • offers a discussion on important environmental issues,
  • documents historical environmental events and initiatives,
  • describes best-practice-examples and drafts visions for a sustainable world,
  • is directed to an environmentally conscious public that searches for sustainable ways of interacting with nature,
  • is dedicated to a broad understanding of ecology that includes the day-to-day relationship of human beings, nature, society and the environment.


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