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Training Course "Energy for Development"

Training Course "Energy for Development"

Training Course "Energy for Development"


This project's key objective is the conceptualisation and implementation of a training course on the theme of "energy for development", that is targeted at development cooperation professionsals, which will encounter energy issues in their work outside of the home country.

The materials produced for the training empower other trainers to carry out the course themselves. In addition to detailed facilitation guidelines, the project team elaborates all underlying documentation and necessary utensils. These include sets of powerpoint slides, but also a number of case studies (such as on the history of electrification in Mexico, or energy efficiency policies in China) and posters (providing for example overviews on energy technologies and global consumption patterns), which are meant to visualise key elements of the content being taught. The didactic concept puts an emphasis on interactive sessions, which are placed to interrupt and loosen up the presentation parts. Following the pilot training, an evaluation is carried out, on the basis of which the materials are finalised.


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Kristine Berzins
Benjamin Boteler
Gesa Homann LLM
Felix Döhler
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Energy, Renewables, Climate, Development, Poverty, Training, Developing Countries