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Effectiveness of Current Policy Frameworks in Mitigating Climate-induced Risks

Effectiveness of Current Policy Frameworks in Mitigating Climate-induced Risks

Relating to Human Security and Conflict (Israel/Palestine)
Case Study on Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

This case study analyses policy-frameworks in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territory (oPT) which are relevant for addressing water-related impacts of climate change that could have negative impact on human security and conflict. The effectiveness of these policy frameworks is analyzed, based mainly on interviews with Israeli and Palestinian experts. The case study [pdf, 824 KB, English] is available for download.


Bar-On, Haran and Christiane Gerstetter 2012: Effectiveness of current policy frameworks in mitigating climate-induced risks relating to human security and conflict - case study on Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories. Ecologic Institute, Berlin.

43 pp.
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Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Background
    2.1 Water-related impacts of climate change
    2.1.1 Physical impacts
    2.1.2 Impacts on human security and conflict
  3. Awareness
    3.1 Israel
    3.2 oPT
  4. Policy Framework
    4.1 Joint policy framework
    4.1.1 Description
    4.1.2 Effectiveness to mitigate impacts on HS and conflict
    4.2 Separate policy frameworks
    4.2.1 Israel
    4.2.2 oPT
  5. Expectations and demands
    5.1 Israeli narrative
    5.1.1 Expectations regarding the joint policy framework
    5.1.2 Expectations for mitigating water related impacts on human security in the Bedouin population
    5.1.3 Additional expectations on national policies
    5.2 Palestinian narrative
  6. Evaluation of results
    6.1 Climate change impacts on water related human security and conflict
    6.2 Effectiveness of current policy framework in addressing the issues
    6.2.1 The joint framework
    6.2.2 Separate policy frameworks
    6.3 Stakeholders' expectations and demands from a future policy framework

conflict, water, climate, Mediterranean, Middle East, Israel, Palestine