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Engaging Citizens in Adaptive River Basin Management in the Mediterranean

| Pedieos Workshop (Zypern) Juli 1, 2015 © Ecologic Institut

Engaging Citizens in Adaptive River Basin Management in the Mediterranean


'BeWater' is a three and a half-year EU-funded project, which investigates the opportunities of preparing adaptive management plans for river basins in four case studies based in the Mediterranean region: Pedieos (Cyprus), Rmel (Tunisia), Tordera (Spain) and Vipava (Slovenia). The aim of the project is to promote dialogue and collaboration between science and society for sustainable water management in order to facilitate adaptation to the impacts of global change in the Mediterranean. From May until July 2015, four participatory workshops were held in the aforementioned cities. Some of the outcomes of the workshops are summarized in the table at the end of the text.

BeWater involves society by actively engaging local communities in discussions on current water use and related problems. Through these discussions, the project raises public awareness on the importance of sustainable water management, with a particular focus on the expected climate change impacts at River Basin scale.

Over the course of two rounds of participatory workshops, Water Management Options (WMOs) have been compiled for four cardinal points of the Mediterranean. In May and June 2015, each of the four river basins used newly developed methodologies to evaluate these options given the preferences and river basin specific challenges and issues identified by stakeholders from each basin. Some outcomes of the workshops are summarized in the graphic.

As a next step in the project, Ecologic Institute will lead the development of the River Basin Adaptation Plans (RBAPs), building on the outcomes of the previous workshops. The objective is to identify practical options to implement the identified WMOs in each basin by exploring such aspects as: their policy and stakeholder basis, synergies and co-benefits between the options, potential adaptation pathways, and the plans’ draft objectives for implementing an adaptive management approach.

The description of the RBAP development and where and how stakeholders have provided input will be mapped with these steps in mind. The next series of workshops is scheduled for Spring 2016 in collaboration with institutions from the four CSRBs (CyI, INRGREF, CREAF and IzVRS).

"Participatory planning as a success factor for adaptive river basin management"


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