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Internet Portal on "Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in the Environment"


Internet Portal on "Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in the Environment"


Umweltbundesamt (2018): Tierarzneimittel in der Umwelt. internet portal. URL:

This portal provides information on how veterinary medicines enter the environment, explains their environmental impact and points out ways to reduce the number of entries. It is aimed at farmers and veterinarians in the livestock sector, in particular for cattle, pigs and poultry. Particular attention is paid to disease prevention measures, as veterinary medicinal products which do not need to be administered cannot enter the environment.

The section healthy animals of this portal presents practice-oriented action options of the preventive health management in the livestock husbandry, while the section veterinary medicine shows possibilities to let environmental aspects flow into the use of veterinary medicines. More detailed information on the reduction of veterinary medicines in the agricultural production process can be found under agriculture.

The Ecologic Institute was in charge of the conceptual design and content creation for the portal. In addition, the project developed two short information brochures for veterinarians and farmers.

Practical suggestions for action and diverse background information for veterinarians and farmers


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Editing: Dr. Arne Hein (UBA), Dr. Simone Lehmann (UBA), Melanie Kemper (Ecologic Institute), Evelyn Lukat (Ecologic Institute), Ilka Merbold (Ecologic Institute)
Contents: Dr. Arne Hein (UBA), Dr. Simone Lehmann (UBA), Dr. Julia Steinhoff-Wagner (Uni Bonn), Dr. oec. troph. Yvonne Ilg (Uni Bonn), Prof. Dr. agr. Brigitte Petersen (Uni Bonn), Stephan Hannappel (HYDOR Consult), Dr. Jürgen Harlizius (Landwirtschaftskammer NRW), Evelyn Lukat (Ecologic Institute), Rodrigo Vidaurre (Ecologic Institute), Dr. agr. Susanne Lehnert (EQA SCE)
Design Infographics: Beáta Welk Vargová (Ecologic Institute)

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