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Verschleppung von Tierarzneimitteln im Stall


Verschleppung von Tierarzneimitteln im Stall


Umweltbundesamt (2017): Verschleppung von Tierarzneimitteln im Stall. Infografik.

Care and hygiene help to minimise the direct entry of veterinary medicines into the environment. Carry-over of veterinary medicines is an unnecessary waste, can endanger the health of operators and have no therapeutic benefits for animals. Carry-over antibiotics can contribute to the development of resistance in humans, animals and the environment. This infographic illustrates five ways to reduce the carry-over of veterinary medicines in the barn.

The infographic is licensed under a Creative Commons license CC BY-ND 4.0, i. e. it can be used without any changes, if the author is mentioned. The infographic is part of a series of five infographics on veterinary pharmaceuticals in the environment developed by Ecologic Institute for the German Federal Environment Agency.

Carry-over of veterinary medicines is an unnecessary environmental burden, can endanger the health of handlers and have no therapeutic benefit for animals.


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Concept: Melanie Kemper (Ecologic Institute)
Contents: Dr. Simone Lehmann (UBA), Dr. Julia Steinhoff-Wagner (Uni Bonn), Dr. Jürgen Harlizius (Landwirtschaftskammer NRW)
Graphic design: Beáta Welk Vargová (Ecologic Institute)

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Stable air, veterinary drug powder, granular veterinary drugs, dosing automat, rinsing water, drinking trough systems, ring line, stub, dosing vat, adherence, hygiene, work process, protective clothing, rodents, disposal, drug residues, drug containers, package leaflet
infographic, illustration