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RECARE Project – Finding and sharing solutions to protect our soils

RECARE Project – Finding and sharing solutions to protect our soils

This brochure describes the threats to soils in Europe, how the RECARE project has addressed these, and provides clear examples of soil management options and policy solutions. Ecologic Institute's Ana Frelih-Larsen and Sandra Naumann contributed to the RECARE project brochure, which is available for download.

Increasingly, the crucial importance of soils for the well-being of human society is being recognised. In many parts of the world, soil is being lost faster than it forms, and its functions are being lost or diminished, which impacts ecosystem services. In Europe, a number of threats to our soil have been identified in the European Soil Thematic Strategy, these include: soil erosion, salinization, compaction, desertification, floods and landslides, loss of organic matter, contamination, sealing and loss of soil biodiversity. Contemporary soil science has created a suite of practical management responses that address these threats.


Mills, Jane and Matt Reed (eds.) 2018: RECARE Project – Finding and sharing solutions to protect our soils. RECARE project brochure.


Jane Mills, and Matt Reed (CCRI, University of Gloucestershire)

Rudi Hessel (Wageningen Environmental Research), scientific project coordinator
Erik van den Elsen (Wageningen Environmental Research)
Ana Frelih-Larsen and Sandra Naumann (Ecologic Institute)
Jannes Stolte (NIBIO)
Felicitas Bachmann (University of Bern)
Godert van Lynden (ISRIC)
Jan Jacob Keizer, Sandra Valente and Ana Fernandes (University of Aveiro)
Luuk Fleskens (Wageningen University & Research)
Hedwig van Delden (RIKS)

16 pp.
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Table of Contents

Project overview
Improved scientific understanding
Effective remediation, restoration and prevention measures
Developments to inform decision-making
Selected further reading
Project partners

soil management, agriculture, climate change, ecosystem services, soil functions, Europe, brochure