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A European Climate Law – What Should It Look Like?

A European Climate Law – What Should It Look Like?

Ursula von der Leyen, the new President of the European Commission, took office today, on 1 December 2019. As one of her first proposals, she promised to propose a European Climate Law in the first 100 days of her term in office. This 'Law' is a critical step to make Europe climate neutral. It can close gaps in existing EU climate rules. These gaps will impede the EU from becoming climate neutral before 2050. A new paper by Ecologic Institute discusses what a European Climate Law should look like, and how it could close existing gaps. The paper is available for download.


Meyer-Ohlendorf, Nils 2019: A European Climate Law – What Should It Look Like?. Ecologic Institute: Berlin.

21 pp.
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Table of Contents

1 Summary
2 Introduction
3 The Climate Law's main features: Which gaps in EU rules should the law close?
3.1 Legally binding reduction targets
3.2 EU emission budget
3.3 Negative emissions: targets for emission removals
3.4 Public participation and democracy
3.5 Independent advisory institutions
3.6 Monitoring, review, planning and strategies
3.7 Financial flows: Public Budgets, Subsidies, investment strategies
3.8 Policy Mainstreaming
4 The law's legal 'home': Where to place the law's elements in the acquis?

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