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A European Climate Law – Draft

A European Climate Law – Draft

The European Commission will propose a European Climate Law in early March 2020. This 'Law' is a critical step to make Europe climate neutral. It can close gaps in existing EU climate rules. These gaps will impede the EU from becoming climate neutral before 2050. A new Ecologic paper presents a draft European Climate Law. The paper is available for download.


Meyer-Ohlendorf, Nils 2020: A European Climate Law – Draft. Ecologic Institute: Berlin.

14 pp.
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Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Key provisions of the European Climate Law
2.1 Article 1: Objectives and goals
2.2 Article 2: (selected) Definitions
2.3 Article 3: Legally binding reduction targets
2.4 Article 4: Union‘s emission budget
2.5 Article 5: Enhancement of natural sinks for emission removals
2.6 Article 6: Permanent climate and energy dialogue platform
2.7 Article 7: EU Advisory Council on Climate Policy
2.8 Article 8: National Independent Climate Councils
2.9 Article 9: Ending fossil fuel subsidies
2.10 Article 10: Policy Mainstreaming
2.11 Article 11: Review and target adjustment

climate law; climate rules; climate policy; EU; European Union; Carbon neutral; climate neutral; renewable energies; energy efficiency; transformation; decarbonisation; Paris Agreement; European Parliament; European Commission; legislation; legal acts; legal text; CO2 footprint; climate target; governance regulation; energy union, Europe