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Climate Action in Agri-food Systems in Central Eastern Europe (CEE)


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Climate Action in Agri-food Systems in Central Eastern Europe (CEE)

Webinar Series


Agri-food systems in Central Eastern Europe (CEE) are key to achieving the EU climate goals.

This webinar series explored how agroecology (including organic farming) and sustainable food consumption can enable a transition to climate friendly and resilient agri-food systems in Central Eastern Europe, while also addressing the biodiversity crisis and the economic crisis in agriculture.

In each webinar, views on different elements of a transition to climate friendly and resilient agri-food systems were illustrated, based on agroecology. Alternative pathways and models were explored and lessons learned from existing initiatives. Insights from research and practical examples were highlighted, followed by an exchange and networking among the participants.

Webinars of the series:

19 October 2023: Farming with nature: mitigating climate change and building resilience at farm and landscape level

  • Why this webinar series? – Ana Frelih Larsen, Ecologic Institute | Presentation | Video
  • Can an agroecology transition deliver climate, biodiversity and food security goals? (will be uploaded shortly)  – Pierre-Marie Aubert, IDDRI, France |  Video
  • Soil health and agroforestry: benefits for climate mitigation, yields, and resilience  – Wiebke Niether, University of Giessen, Germany | Presentation | Video
  • Agroforestry in Slovakia: current state, potential and needs – Ladislav Bakay, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia | Presentation | Video
  • Zsámboki Biokert: agroecological experiences from a market garden – Logan Strenchock, Zsámboki Biokert, Hungary | Presentation | Video
  • Building resilience on a biodynamic farm in Slovenia – Maja Turinek, Zlate Misli farm, Slovenia | Video

Download Agenda – Webinar 1 (PDF) 

26 October 2023 (9am–12pm CET): Tools to facilitate nature friendly climate action and sustainability transition in agriculture 

  • Making public research more effective to support societal goals in Germany – Martin Köchy, German Agricultural Research Alliance, Germany | Presentation | Video
  • ÖMKi on-farm living lab: lessons from Hungary – Dora Drexler, ÖMKi, Hungary | Presentation | Video
  • Dialogue and communication to support sustainability transition in agriculture – Judith Lenzen, The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Germany |  Video
  • The Dutch organic action plan – Michaël Wilde, Bionext, Netherlands | Presentation | Video
  • The development of organic farming: experience from Slovenia – Marko Slavič, Director, Vila Natura, Slovenia | Presentation | Video

Download Agenda – Webinar 2 (PDF)

9 November 2023 (9am–12pm CET): Sustainable food consumption: from EU to national & regional strategies

  • How healthy diets can support sustainability targets and what role national and regional food strategies can play  – Stephanie Wunder, Agora Agriculture, Germany | Video
  • What is the role of the EU in fostering more sustainable food consumption? – Isabel Paliotta, European Environment Bureau, Belgium | Presentation | Video
  • The Food Strategy of Lower Saxony: focus, process and lessons learned – Charlotte Schneider, Institute of Nutrition and Home Economics Lower Saxony (ZEHN), Germany | Presentation | Video
  • “Dobrze” Food Coop in Warsaw: connecting producers and consumers around sustainable food – Denis Gerard, “Dobrze” Food Coop, Poland | Presentation | Video
  • What policies do we need in Poland to support sustainable food consumption? – Maria Staniszewska, Polish Ecological Club /Coalition Living Earth, Poland | Presentation | Video

Discussion: stakeholder views on opportunities and needs in Central Eastern Europe – N.N.

Download Agenda – Webinar 3 (PDF)

30 November 2023 (9am–12pm CET): Is CAP supporting climate friendly and resilient agri-food systems in CEE? – Lessons learned and way forward

  • Does the Common Agricultural Policy support ambitious climate action in Central Eastern European agri-food systems? – Ana Frelih Larsen, Ecologic Institute, Slovenia | Presentation
  • How can the CAP and NECPs reinforce and support each other to deliver ambitious climate action? – Julia Bognar, IEEP, Belgium | Presentation | Video
  • Transforming EU land use and the CAP: a post-2024 vision – Harriet Bradley, IEEP, Belgium | Presentation | Video

Download Agenda – Webinar 4 (PDF)

The webinar series is part of a project which aims to strengthen the capacities and collaboration for transitioning towards climate neutral and resilient agri-food systems in CEE. The project is coordinated by Ecologic Institute and funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.


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