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Environmental Security in the Arctic Ocean

The book "Environmental Security in the Arctic Ocean" (Springer) documents the proceedings of the 2010 NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) in Cambridge (United Kingdom) that was initiated and co-convened by Ecologic Institute. The partners were the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge and the Russian Academy of Sciences. In the book chapter "Transatlantic Policy Options to Address the Rapidly Changing Arctic," Sandra Cavalieri and R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic Institute present policy options for the EU and the US for addressing challenges in the changing Arctic, summarizing key findings of the transatlantic Arctic Transform dialogue.

Insights from the Arctic Transform project integrated into the Arctic Governance Project

Results from Arctic TRANSFORM have been included in a compendium compiled by the Arctic Governance Project. Climate change has triggered a surge of research activity in the Arctic that attempts to address newly emerging concerns over governance, environmental impacts, traditional livelihoods, and expanding economic activity. The Arctic Governance Project aims to capture and assemble the best of these research efforts in order to lay the foundation for the way forward and communicate conclusions to policymakers.


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